Posted By Kent Merritt


"You're going to be fine, Mr. Locke.
As long as you give up smoking."


I'm not exactly sure I like where this series is heading.

At this point, with just a few episodes remaining, I see two possible scenarios....

1. The main characters will be killed off one-by-one, leaving maybe one or two characters left....which would suck. Or...

2. The main characters will be killed off one-by-one, only to be resurrected in some sort of flashback/flashsideways/flashforward event where everyone comes back alive and lives happily ever after....which would also suck.

I suppose the resolution to this amazing series is bound to be disappointing in one way or another, but it does bother me that in this last episode, the Kwons were both Dwowned, Sayid was blown to smithereens, Frank Lapidus went missing, and Jack still remains alive.  That scene of him staring up into the night sky, wondering why, why, why...left me thinking the same thing.

It should now be painfully obvious that the Man in Locke is definitely not a Good Guy after all.  He obviously wanted to kill everyone on board that submarine when he hid that bomb in Jack's backpack.  If that's the case, and if it is also true that Charles Widmore also wants them all dead, then we'll be lucky if anyone makes it to the finale alive!

My previous post was a brief speculation on how I thought the finale would play itself out, but it's now quite obvious that the Kwon's names will be scratched off that cave wall...that is if anyone is still left to do the scratching. 


One thing that bugged me about how they died, though.  What exactly did Sun get trapped behind inside that room?!  I never could tell what it was they were all trying to pull off of her.  It obviously had to be heavy enough for Jin, Sawyer, and Jack to not be able to pull it off of her, and yet not quite heavy enough to cause her any real pain!  From the few underwater shots we saw, it looked like she was trapped behind one of those subway turnstiles.  Didn't anybody think to just stick a quarter in it?

On the other hand, Sayid's sacrifice felt correct to me.  He was obviously used throughout the season as a mindless killing machine so that we wouldn't feel too bad when he was blown to tiny bits.  Too bad his character had to deteriorate to that extent.  He wasn't one of my favorite characters, but still, he deserved better than that.


My other nitpik concerns the title of this episode (as well as the previous episode, for that matter).  It turns out that 'The Candidate' for the island was not revealed, but that it was just a clever ruse used in Sideways World where John Locke learns that Jack thinks he is 'a candidate' for spinal surgery that would allow him to walk again.  Booo!  That was almost as disappointing as never really learning who 'The Last Recruit' was supposed to be.

At this point, I just hope that Frank Lapidus manages to wash up on shore, find Desmond, and together they can save what's left of these doomed characters!


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