Posted By Kent Merritt


"I shall dub thee.....Jack-ob."

"You're all flawed."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the group Jacob must select an island savior from, but at least we finally got to find out which flawed soul will get to take over the job of guarding the Cave of Glowing Goodness in this penultimate episode of Lost.  And the winner is......Jack?!!! 

(by the way, I never understood why the word 'penultimate' would be used to describe the second-to-last episode of something.  It always seemed to me that 'penultimate' should mean 'fantastic',  as in, "that was really a 'penultimate' episode!"  After learning what the word actually means, it just sort of seems less.....penultimate.)


Whatever.  Anyway, I'm fine with Jack becoming the new Jacob.  After all, if all it requires is to keep the The Light hidden from the rest of the world - which seems sort of pointless - then Jack is just the man to do it.  Throughout all six seasons of Lost, Jack has always been the one with no real purpose in life, anyway.  Sawyer would miss coming up with dastardly new schemes, Kate would miss raising giant baby Aaron, and Hugo would miss all that fried chicken.  Jack would only miss.......exactly.


Now that we finally know who gets to carry the island torch, and now that Charles Widmore is dead (missed the finale by 'that much') the stage is finally set for the Final Showdown between good and evil.  I'm still wondering which side Ben will end up on.  His sudden turn to the dark side seems a bit suspicious to me.  Sure, he might have convinced the Man in Locke that he wants to go on a killing spree, but honestly, I think he just wanted to see Charles Widmore dead.  I really doubt that he believes that Smokey is going to give him the keys to the kingdom, anyway.  Or at least, I'm hoping he's not that stupid.


Not exactly sure how this final showdown will take 2 1/2 hours, but then, we will also finally get to find out exactly how the Sideways World characters will somehow reconnect with Island World.  My guess is that Desmond is going to take them all to a Phish concert and give them each a tab of acid.  That should open their relunctant doors of perception once and for all and force them all to realize that they never ever really left the island in the first place, and that life is really just an illusion where time and space is meaningless and nothing else matters but to love one another right now.  The end.


Okay, maybe that would be a crummy ending, but all I know is that I am ready, ready, ready for the final episode.  I have loved this show and have stayed faithful since Episode One, but now with everything wrapping up and winding down, I have to say I am ready for one gigantic 2 1/2 hour climax this Sunday night!  I have a feeling it's going to be....penultimate!



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