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Meet The New Boss


With just a few short weeks to go before the season finale of Lost, this might be a good time to do a little speculating on exactly who is going to actually inherit this crazy little island.

Now that we've learned Jacob has lured particular people to the island over the years in order to annoint one of them to be the new island ruler, then it might be kind of fun to speculate on how the island might change under new management.  Here's an idea of some possible finale results...or series spinoffs. 


King Kwon's Island

The Kwons will rule the island as a team, separating the men on one side of the island, the woman on the other, where Jin and Sun will educate them in the fine art of blending into the background. 

Jack's Island of Confusion

Jack Shepard will be chosen as the new leader of Lost Island, and will lead everyone in one direction, then change his mind and lead them in another direction, never really finding any resolution no matter where he leads them. After all, with all those magic mirrors he broke in the Lighthouse, he's definitely in for many, many years of bad luck.

Sayid's Zombie Island

Sayid Jarrah will be the only living person to survive the final big battle between Good and Evil on the island.  He will immediately be empowered with the ability to resurrect the dead, only to force them all to sit around like zombies and listen to his endless flashbacks of his one true love Nadia.

Sawyer's Island of Insults

James Ford will become the new head honcho of Lost Island and immediately confiscate everyone's possessions, force everyone to use his choice of nicknames, then demand that they build a new temple in honor of Juliet.

Hugo's Happy Island Hangout

Hugo Reyes will be selected as King of the Island and will be empowered with the ability to force everyone to just chill.  Everyone on the island will slowly begin to realize that life is good, there's nothing to worry about, and there's no reason to try and leave the long as the food supply holds out.

Gilligan's Island

No, not THAT Gilligan. This would be a suprise ending in which Vince Gilligan, the creator of AMC's Breaking Bad, discovers that the electromagnetism on the island would be the perfect place for Walter White to set up camp and turn the island into one huge meth-producing factory, free from any meddling from the DEA. Plus, everyone will get to use the S-word.

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