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We Have To Go BAAAACK.........AGAAAIN!!"


"Well.  Here we go."

And with those brief words spoken by the Man In Locke after having his camp rattled by one of Widmore's missiles, the show finally moves into the final story arc.  And with only 4 regular episodes to go before the Big Finale, I say bring it on.


Now that Hurley has managed to unite Team Jack and Team Locke, it seems as though the stage is finally set for the Team Locke vs Team Widmore showdown.  However, in true Lost fashion, a few more misdirections managed to occur throughout this episode.  The main one being the defection of Claire from Team Locke to Team Jack, and the defection of Jack back to Team Locke.  Sheesh!!! If this show really does turn out to be all about discovering one's destiny, it sure has picked some wishy-washy characters to represent it!  After all, over the past five seasons, Jack has managed to change his mind almost as many times as Kate has waffled choosing between Jack or Sawyer, Sayid has waffled between doing the right thing and the wrong thing, and Ben has waffled from being likable one minute to being despicable the next.


And at this point, I'm STILL not sure who the Good Guys or the Bad Guys are.  By the end of this episode, it seemed as though Sawyer, Kate, Hurley etc. have walked into a trap, which may lead to Widmore being the true bad guy (and which might require Jack to actually become the hero he always wanted to be and come to their rescue).    After all, the Man in Locke did have a very reassuring tone at the end of the episode when he told Jack, "Don't worry, it's going to be okay. You're with me, now.  Give your old Smoke Monster a big hug." or words to that effect.


Meanwhile, back in Sideways World, worlds are definitely colliding.  Jack is introduced to Claire, Sayid gets captured by James and Miles, and Jin and Sun are one hospital room away from Jack getting ready to operate on John Locke.  Can somebody just tie a string to all these people and yank them back to the island, please?!  The coincidences are getting on my nerves!


Another thing that kind of bugged me was just exactly how Widmore was able to send missiles over to the main island all the way from Hydra Island?!  And just exactly how many missiles was he able to fit into that submarine, anyway? 


And how did that nice speedboat show up out of nowhere?!  That's supposed to be the Man in Locke's boat?  If he's been so determined to get off the island for all these years, why the heck didn't he just hop on board and head for Tahiti? 


And my final nitpick....who the heck is The Last Recruit, anyway?!  I kept expecting a new character to pop up throughout the episode, but that never happened, did it?!  Or, did I miss something?  And are we ever going to see a Team Jacob, or do we just have to wait until later this Summer for the next Twilight sequel? 


This show can really be confusing and frustrating, even going down to the final few episodes.  And I guess I wouldn't want it any other way.


 P.S. -  A friend comented on my Facebook page that The Last Recruit might be Jack.  Since Locke said to him, 'You're with me now",  that Jack might have some Smoke Monster in him now.  Hmmm...

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