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Happily Ever After
(oops...sorry, wrong episode)


If it takes surviving a plane crash, a nuclear explosion, and a journey into a parallel universe in order for these characters to find true love, then what chance do the rest of us have?!  Personally, I will feel a bit let down if the main goal of this show is to make sure all of these characters find their soulmates and live happily ever after.  I'm at least hoping for a bit more of a finale than seeing Captain Stubing and the rest of the Love Boat crew showing up to rescue these people from the island.


I'm guessing that this latest episode was just the producer's way of bringing some closure to some loose ends before the final story arc kicks in.  Having a chance for Michael to come back to the show and apologize for shooting Libby in the belly, as well as bringing back Libby so that she and Hurley can finally have that picnic on the beach (as well as tie up that loose end of seeing her in the mental hospital way back when) should satisfy a lot of Lost fans, but for me, let's get on with the Final Showdown!


At least Sideways World has now become quite a bit more relevant.  Now that Desmond is operating on all cylinders in Sideways World (and possibly in Island World, since he seems to have that Chesire Cat grin on his face no matter what happens to him - even in next week's preview where he's sitting pretty at the bottom of the well) it now seems inevitable that these worlds will collide at some point very soon.  I'm just wondering if Desmond will have to convince everyone in Sideways World to take another doomed flight over the island of doom in order to get everyone back in the same universe.  At least this time, it doesn't look like they will get any help from Eloise.  I'm still wondering what she meant when she told Desmond that 'he wasn't ready yet'.  I would love to see an Eloise-centric episode before this thing wraps up, but I'm not holding my breath.


This episode did give us some advancement of the Team Locke vs Team Good Guys storyline, though.  Unfortunately, I guess poor Illana won't be part of that final showdown (or maybe parts of her will, "Dude, you've got some Illana on ya").  It did seem a little ridiculous that she would be stuffing those supplies into her backpack on top of that very unstable dynamite.  Didn't she watch Season One?!!


I'm really hoping that Desmond's decision to hit and run down John Locke will knock some sense into the guy, and that he will have his own personal epiphany of his other pathetic life from Island World and will decide to do something about it.  It just seems that his character has really been played for a sap throughout this entire series, and I'm really hoping that he will get some major redemption before this whole thing wraps up.   At this point, I really don't believe that the Man In Locke will be successful with his attempt to escape the island, and nothing would please me more than if the Real John Locke would have something to do with his defeat. 


I'm just glad it's not up to me to figure out how to make that happen, though.


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