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Looking For Love
In All The Wrong Places


Desmond Hume is kidnapped by Charles Widmore and forced back to the island where he is placed inside an electromagnetic box where he passes out and wakes up in Sideways World, where he is now BFF with Sideways Charles Widmore, who hooks him up with Sideways Charlie Pace who convinces Desmond he's not happy because he's not in love, which leads him to Sideways Heloise, who is throwing a birthday party for Sideways Daniel, who convinces Desmond that they're all lovesick (or maybe just....lost). 

It now seems inevitable that the events of Sideways World are destined to intersect at some point with Island World in these final episodes of Lost.  I guess I can accept that.  I haven't been a big fan of Sideways World, for the simple reason that I could never rationalize how NOT crashing on the island would have caused such dramatic character changes for most of these people. 


However, after coming to the conclusion that setting off the bomb in 1977 actually tossed these people into an alternate universe in the year 1977 (which would make more sense as to why Sawyer and Miles grew up to be cops, Locke and Linus grew up to be teachers, Hurley grew up to be lucky and Jack just grew more dense) but what I don't get is how Daniel Faraday got tossed into Sideways World and became musician Daniel Widmore who writes complex physics equations he can't understand which leads him to think he once set off a nuclear bomb!


After all, if the producers can basically make such radical character changes as making pretty much everyone in Sideways World a direct decendent of Charles and Heloise Widmore in order to wrap this thing up, then so be it.  Hoping for a logical conclusion to this show is pretty much out the window at the point, anyway.  Might as well just enjoy sit back and enjoy the ride.


At least Sideways World is a great opportunity to bring back characters like Charlie, Penny, Heloise, Daniel and even George the Chauffeur.  Only now it seems as though all of these people will somehow have to merge with the Island World people in order to make everything right again.  I'm wondering if another big bomb will have to go off in order to merge these two worlds.  Either that, or everybody can just climb into Widmore's electromagnetic box and duke it out.  May the strongest parallel universe character win.


And speaking of that electromagnetic box, how the heck did Charles Widmore get that thing on the island if he showed up in a submarine?!! (Oh, sorry, I forgot; logic went out the window)


As frustrating as this show can be, it is still entertaining as hell.  I still have faith that the resolution to this epic story will be somewhat satisfying.  And as for all of those lingering questions left behind, I'll just set off a nuclear bomb in my brain and send them all off to Fantasy Island.


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