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He Touched Me



The end is near!
Soon, we shall all know the truth! 
Soon, all of our questions will be answered! 
Soon, we will be Lost no more!

As it is with any great mystery, there is always that point where the story ends and the mystery is revealed.   And sometimes the actual mystery is better than the actual revelation.  Fortunately, in the case of Lost, the revelations are still pretty darn satisfying!

With Ab Aeterno, (latin for 'since the beginning of time') we are now officially rounding the corner and heading down the jungle path to seeing the epic story of Lost come to an end.  Epic, because evidently what it all really comes down to is a showdown between Good and Evil.  Kind of ironic that all the the main characters we've cared about and rooted for over these past five years are nothing more than pawns in the game of life.  But then, aren't we all.

We learned that Richard Alpert arrived on the island as a mere mortal in the late 1800s on board the Black Rock.  We also learned that it was indeed Jacob who brought the ship to the island, and it was also the Black Rock that smashed into the giant statue, leaving nothing but a giant footprint in the sand.

And, we learned exactly how and why Richard was 'touched' by Jacob and thus given the 'gift' of immortality.  Careful what you wish for, Ricardo.  We also learned that the island is actually a metaphorical cork!  A way to keep evil bottled up and away from civilization (not exactly sure if that plan has really been very successful, though).

In one of the very few flashbacks I've actually enjoyed watching, we learned that Richard Alpert - Ricardo Alperto(?) - was a condemned man, accused of killing a man all in the name of love (so beautifully represented in such a few short scenes).  Ricardo's backstory was epic in itself, and Nestor Carbonell was excellent throughout.  The only problem I had with this episode was why Isabella, the love of his life, showed up on the island.  After all, doesn't a person have to die on the island in order for the Black Smoke to suck out some of their DNA and manifest as that person?!  I had a bit of a problem with that.

What I did not have any problems with were any of the scenes with The Man in Black.   Too bad this character was given such short shrift throughout these six seasons.  One mystery still remains as to where this character went, since the Smoke Monster is now using John Locke's body.  Hopefully, we'll get a Man in Black-centric episode before this whole thing is over.

I'm guessing we'll still get a few more curve balls thrown at us before this whole thing winds down.  If all we have to look forward to now is the final battle between Good and Evil, and which castaway sides with which entity, it could get a bit boring.  These 'immortal' characters are much more interesting to me. I think it was very wise to decide to end this series after 6 years.  It would've been a bit of a letdown to invest say, 8 or 10 years in this show and the 'main' characters, only to learn that they were really just the supporting cast after all.

Then again, I might be getting ahead of myself. Something tells me that the producers still have a few tricks up their sleeves, even after giving us such a rich and satisfying episode as Ab Aeterno.  And fortunately, unlike reading a great mystery novel, taking a peak at the final few pages of this tale just isn't possible.

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