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I'm really getting tired of starting each of my reviews for Season 6 with, "Once again, how did NOT crashing on the island cause THIS to happen?!"  I still haven't quite figured out how Sideways World is such a completely different place for some castaways and yet not so different for others (Jack still being a doofus doctor in both worlds). Evidently, blowing up the island in 1977 must've changed all of these character's lives from that point on, and we're just now catching up with their lives post-non-island crash?  That sorta makes sense....right?!!

Because that's the only way I can be at peace with the concept of Jim and Miles growing up to become undercover cops, Ben growing up and becoming a wimpy history teacher, Hurley becoming the luckiest person on the planet, and Jack having his own dysfunctional son, all before the events that led up to the plane NOT crashing on the island in 2004.  I guess the only constant has been the fact that John Locke remains a loser in both worlds. And speaking of constants, whatever happened to Daniel Faraday and Desmond Hume?!   Why aren't they showing up as anyone's sidekicks in Sideways World?!  As intrigued and invested as I have been with Lost over the past 5 years, I am really hoping that this Sideways World stuff is not going to be clever but insignificant filler material (or possible opportunities for Lost spinoff series).


And as fun as it was seeing Charlotte showing up again (at least she's still an archeologist, only one who prefers digging through underwear drawers) I really don't care that Sawyer - sorry, Detective James Ford - was rejected by her, anymore than I care that Sideways James enjoys TV dinners and Little House on the Prairie reruns. Give me more of Crazy Claire and her creepy rodent skull baby! Who would've thought that Emilie de Ravin would've been such a primo psycho! That hug she gave Kate was almost as disturbing as watching James Ford having an epiphany watching Michael Landon on an episode of Little House on the Prairie!

As I have stated before, I really only care about what is going on at Island World this season. Give me an hour of Island plot and I'll be happy. Just as long as it doesn't focus on Kate, Jin, Sun, Sayid or Jack. Oh, who am I kidding, just make the last few episodes about John Locke, Ben Linus, Crazy Claire, Jacob and the struggle for good and evil and I'll be happy.

As far as advancing the plot this week, we at least got to see that Charles Widmore is safely hiding away on Hydra Island awaiting a showdown with the Man In Locke. Bring it on!  Although, I'll be more than happy to wait another week for that to happen, since it looks like next week's Richard-centric episode will finally shed some light on some of the island's ancient history.

Bring THAT on!


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