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Choosing Sayids


Once again, how did NOT crashing on the island change Sayid's past to where his loser brother got his girl and Keamy became a mobster chef?!!


I recently read an interview with Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof stating that they couldn't decide whether to have the result of setting off the nuclear bomb cause the castaways to being thrown back to the future on the island, or put them back on the plane, avoiding the island altogether. So, since they couldn't decide which to do....they did both. After all, they knew that the die hard fans would follow them anywhere. Personally, I think it was a mis-step. I will follow these guys anywhere, but I won't necessarily like it.


Mainly, I prefer to stick with the island storyline. That is where the action is, and I really don't see how the off-island sideways world events have any impact on where the action is. Of course I could be wrong, but for now that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Besides, I really don't care if Sideways Sayid is confronted by Sideways Keamy or teams up with Sideways Jin anymore than I cared about Sideways Locke being interview by Sideways Rose or becoming teacher's lounge buddies with Sideways Ben!  Okay, enough of my bitchin'.


What I do care about is watching the Locke-ness Monster and Sayid going medieval on the Temple folk. Now we're getting somewhere! Although I really liked Dogen and am sorry to see him go, at least this whittles down the cast a bit so that we can focus on the main characters as the series winds itself down.  As long as they leave Miles alone to continue his wise-cracking!   (Although, killing two people and leaving them in the Healing Pool might not have been such a smart move, Sayid!)


Personally, I could watch an entire hour of The Man in Locke toying with these mere mortals. His reaction to Sayid plunging the dagger into his heart was priceless. "Now why did you have to go and do that?" Funny stuff.  The only thing better would have been if he used the David Banner line from The Incredible Hulk: "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." 


Oh, wait. I do have one more beef. I really do not understand why the Evil Trifecta of Locke, Sayid and Claire allowed Kate to live. Not that I really expected her to be killed, but at least it would've made more sense if she would've escaped from their evil clutches. After all, wasn't Claire the one who said she was going to kill Kate for taking away her baby?!  It seemed like that idea just went up in a puff of black smoke.


But then like I said, I'll follow these guys anywhere. I just might bitch about some of it along the way.



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