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Breaking Bad: 'Phoenix'



Walt: "Someday, all of this will be yours."
Baby: "What, the insulation?!"


As the second season of AMC's Emmy-winning drama Breaking Bad comes to a dramatic close, it might be fun to speculate on what will happen in the season finale, airing  Sunday, May 31st.


The penultimate episode of season 2, 'Phoenix' was definitely...penultimate.  (I never thought that word fit the description, by the way. Penultimate sounds a lot more important than just saying 'second-to-last'). But if there is a descriptive word for this episode, penultimate wouldn't even do it justice.


Watching Walter White evolve - or devolve - from a mild-mannered family man and chemistry teacher to a scheming, seething, greedy and self-serving drug kingpin has been a real treat to watch this season. Bryan Cranston should make room on his mantle for another Emmy. And hopefully, one each for co-star Aaron Paul and series creator Vince Gilligan.


As good as the writing, acting, and casting has been this season, nothing compared to the gut-wrenching final scene in last night's Phoenix episode. Watching Walter stand next to the bed where Jesse's girlfriend Jane literally chokes to death on her own vomit was truly unnerving. On the one hand, we understand how Walter wanted his blackmailer to be gone, but on the other hand, he had to actually stand there and let her die. His expressions of panic, restraint, sadness, and finally the return of his steely-eyed resolve was very powerful stuff.

"Sorry, I never cared much for Jane's Addiction, anyway."

And now with one more episode to go, we are closing in on finally finding out what all of those flash-forward opening segments throughout the season might finally reveal. So far, we've seen hazmat-suited workers scooping a charred teddy bear out of Walt's swimming pool, as well as Walt's glasses, which have been carefully bagged and tagged by the powers that be. And more recently, we saw not one, but two body bags zipped shut, lying next to Walt's SUV. Here's hoping that next week's finale will finally give us the answers to these cryptic scenes.

The calm before the shitstorm?!

Anyway, time to speculate on what we'll be seeing in next week's finale.  My guess is that one of those body bags contains Jane's body.  We even saw a quick scene of her body bag being zipped shut in the promo for the finale.  I'm wondering if the other bag might contain her dad, a grief-stricken John de Lancie?!  


But, somehow, Walt's glasses have to be explained.  I'm wondering if Walter might stage his own death, somehow.  Possibly one of Walt's confidantes might have sold him out?  It wouldn't surprise me if Saul turns on Walt (especially if Walt tries to keep Saul's cut, like he tried with Jesse). Greed can make people do stupid things.

Obviously, whatever happened, happens next week. 


For more on this series, visit the official AMC site.

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merken said...
Walter was stupid for picking up Jesse's hypo. His fingerprints will be on it. There was a quick image of his photo being added to a Wanted poster in the scene from the finale, too. Maybe he will fake his death and go into hiding, but what about his family?
May 31, 2009 12:08:26
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