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As if we're not all busy enough with our lives, the last thing anybody was looking for was another website to join, in order to spend more time online promoting that site.  Welcome to


Twitter, for those precious few people who are still living under rocks somewhere, is the latest online flavor-of-the-week website dedicated to social networking.  Because, MySpace and Facebook just weren't time-consuming enough, evidently we all needed a website where we could post fast, insignificant, 140 character messages, and hope that thousands upon thousands of people will somehow find it interesting.


Twitter-defenders (of which I am quickly becoming one of) will compare it with Macs-over-PCs fervency over those dusty old MySpace pages, and some even preferring it over Facebook.   I, personally somehow managed to skip the Facebook Bandwagon, but I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I am now a card-carrying member of Twitterville. 


And, I'm finding myself less productive online because of it! I find that I'm spending more time not only trying to increase my Followers, but I'm also wasting large chunks of my day thinking about what would be good things to tweet about!  These days, whenever I hear an interesting news story, or read about something I find interesting, I'm actually running that topic through my head to give it the 140-character-limit-test to see if it would make a good tweet!  Good Lord!


My main peeve right now with Twitter is having to cipher down through all of the useless crap that many people feel necessary to tweet about ("Just had some Ben & Jerry's.  Chery Garcia is da bomb" )  in order to find some posts from people I actually care about hearing from. 


But, that's my own fault.  In the world of Twitter, your status is based on Followers.  It doesn't take long before you start envyng those tweeters who have several hundred Followers, when you might only have 20 or 30.  So, you start following more people, in the hopes that they will follow you back!.  The only problem is, the people you are now following are either boring as hell, or they post about 10 to 15 tweets at a time, mostly just recycling other people's tweets.  It's basically the equivalent of those people who forward e-mails.  I guess some people just feel compelled with passing things on to other people in the name of socializing. 


As for me, I'm still finding my voice on Twitter.  I've noticed that when I post something funny, I get a few more followers.  If I post something stupid, I might lose one or two.  But honestly, why am I becoming so Followers-conscious?!  They really don't care about what I'm tweeting about, anyway.  Mainly because they are too busy trying to come up with their own tweets.  It's sort of like being at one of those parties where everyone is talking at the same time, and no one is really listening.  That might be why so many celebrities seem to like it.


I like it, too.  But I'm a little mad at myself for liking it so much. 


Oh, and make sure to Follow me on my Twitter page....



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