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Posted By Kent Merritt



Leave it to the fine folks at to come up with a cool little contest that is futile to resist for any true movie lover.  The basis of the contest is simple enough: Give a 31 word description of your favorite movie.  That's it.  31 words.  And I thought Twitter's limit of 140 characters was challenging!


So, since my 31 word description of my favorite movie is over 140 characters long, and therefore unable to fit in a Twitter tweet, I have decided to post it here in my mostly underused and greatly underappreciated blog....


My all-time favorite movie, with an exact 31 word description is:

Memento: .order reverse in run scenes the as murder wife's his solve to attempting loss memory term short with man a about attention full your demands that mystery murder conceived brilliantly A


And just in case you get a headache trying to read in reverse order, here's the 31 word description, unMemento-ized:

Memento: A brilliantly conceived murder mystery that demands your full attention about a man with short term memory loss attempting to solve his wife's murder as the scenes run in reverse order. 


Oh, by the way, according to the rules of the contest, which can be viewed on this Crackle page, it's important to tag your entry with #31in31 so that those fine folks over at Crackle can seek out and find your post.


By the way, fine folks of Crackle, is it supposed to be exactly 31 words?  Just curious, since the wording on your website states, "Just keep each entry within 31 words".  Does 'within' also mean 'less than'?  Like I said, just curious.







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