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Posted By Kent Merritt

I haven't really found any current events lately that seemed worthy of posting here in the hallowed halls of the Wide To Infinity Blog, but all of that changed this week. 


For this is the week that People magazine published the absolute very first photographs of the wonderbabies created by Ms. Angelina Jolie and Mr. Brad Pitt.  We can now all gaze with wonder upon the visages of babies Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, or whatever they're called.


But the feature of this story that made it worthy to be included on this blog is the fact that People magazine paid an astounding $14 million dollars (that's an even more astonishing £17 million in British dollars) for the rights to publish these pictures...


But the most astounding and astonishing feature of this story is that Branjelina, or AngelPitt, or whatever they're called, donated the entire $14 million to charity.  Can you imagine being so rich that you can give away $14 million dollars?!  Can you imagine being the charity that receives this $14 million donation?  Can you tell me how I can start a charity like this one?  Because you know they're going to be birthin' more babies!

Ironically, the very day that this issue of People magazine released this $14 million dollar issue, these same photos were showing up for free in news stories and on blogs all across the internet.

So the lesson learned is.....if you are a major entertainment publication and you want to spend millions and millions of dollars for an exclusive story, you will need to travel back in time about 20 years to the days before the release of the world wide web in order to get the benefit of that scoop.




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