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Posted By Kent Merritt


Dead Man Walking


My first reaction after seeing that closeup of Jack's eye wide shut in the final frame was, "so this was what Lindelof and Cuse had in mind all along?! That Jack Shepard would die in the final scene, even though they mentioned time and time again that the character of Jack was originally supposed to die in the pilot?!"  No wonder they've gone into radio silence.  They're probably thinking, "Gotcha, suckers!"


But, to their credit, even if the entire series was bookcased with Jack's eyeball,  then I'm glad I never figured out what that final frame was going to be.  Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.  And for me, all the wild and unpredictable plot turns, twists, flashbacks, flashforwards, and flashsideways were pure TV bliss.  The actual ending of the series may have sucked - depending on your expectations - but for me, it will always be about the journey this show took me on. 


Having said that, I still enjoyed a lot of this final episode. Mainly all of the epiphanies the folks in Sideways World had when they finally made that connection with their past.  It did seem a bit Stepford Wives-ish as they all came to the conclusion that they were all walking zombies late for a rendevous at the Church of the Inner Light (the way Kate smiled a knowing smile at clueless Jack as she led him to the church, the way Jin and Sun nodded and left a clueless Sawyer standing in that hospital room, and the way Hugo bid farewell to Ben, who obviously still had some issues with letting go).


I feel for all of  those Lost fanatics who wanted more of the Island's mysteries solved, but honestly, would it have made any difference?  Maybe the lesson for them is to also learn to just let it go.  Life is confusing and unexplainable, get used to it. Sure, we never did find out how turning  the Donkey Wheel makes you land in Tunisia, but then, the answer might have been as lame as what was finally revealed inside the Glowy Cave.  Now that we know that the island was - literally - a giant cork holding the evil of the world at bay (I guess) I have to admit I felt a  little letdown.  That giant cork plugging up that hole seemed pretty lame.  It took the Smoke Monster hundreds of years to find someone to crawl down that hole and unplug that cork?!


So, for me, even though I came away from the finale feeling a bit disappointed with how things were wrapped up, I now look back on the series with a great deal of fondness.  And I actually appreciate the fact that not every single mystery was solved.  I also liked the fact that Hurley and Ben lived on to rule the island as #1 and #2 for (evidently) many years.  And  l liked that at least some of the castaways actually made it off the island.  It was a great suprise to see Frank Lapidus alive and well and wise-cracking his way into the horizon with a still-living but now mortal Richard Alpert, Kate, Sawyer, Claire and Miles.  I would have liked to see Desmond end up with Penny, instead of being stuck on that kooky island with Hugo and Ben, but in The End, he and Penny still had each other in Sideways World, and on into eternity...I guess. 


Honestly, there was no perfect ending for such a convoluted and complex series like Lost.  I'm sorry to see it go, but I'm still really glad I got to experience the ride.

Posted By Kent Merritt


"I shall dub thee.....Jack-ob."

"You're all flawed."

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the group Jacob must select an island savior from, but at least we finally got to find out which flawed soul will get to take over the job of guarding the Cave of Glowing Goodness in this penultimate episode of Lost.  And the winner is......Jack?!!! 

(by the way, I never understood why the word 'penultimate' would be used to describe the second-to-last episode of something.  It always seemed to me that 'penultimate' should mean 'fantastic',  as in, "that was really a 'penultimate' episode!"  After learning what the word actually means, it just sort of seems less.....penultimate.)


Whatever.  Anyway, I'm fine with Jack becoming the new Jacob.  After all, if all it requires is to keep the The Light hidden from the rest of the world - which seems sort of pointless - then Jack is just the man to do it.  Throughout all six seasons of Lost, Jack has always been the one with no real purpose in life, anyway.  Sawyer would miss coming up with dastardly new schemes, Kate would miss raising giant baby Aaron, and Hugo would miss all that fried chicken.  Jack would only miss.......exactly.


Now that we finally know who gets to carry the island torch, and now that Charles Widmore is dead (missed the finale by 'that much') the stage is finally set for the Final Showdown between good and evil.  I'm still wondering which side Ben will end up on.  His sudden turn to the dark side seems a bit suspicious to me.  Sure, he might have convinced the Man in Locke that he wants to go on a killing spree, but honestly, I think he just wanted to see Charles Widmore dead.  I really doubt that he believes that Smokey is going to give him the keys to the kingdom, anyway.  Or at least, I'm hoping he's not that stupid.


Not exactly sure how this final showdown will take 2 1/2 hours, but then, we will also finally get to find out exactly how the Sideways World characters will somehow reconnect with Island World.  My guess is that Desmond is going to take them all to a Phish concert and give them each a tab of acid.  That should open their relunctant doors of perception once and for all and force them all to realize that they never ever really left the island in the first place, and that life is really just an illusion where time and space is meaningless and nothing else matters but to love one another right now.  The end.


Okay, maybe that would be a crummy ending, but all I know is that I am ready, ready, ready for the final episode.  I have loved this show and have stayed faithful since Episode One, but now with everything wrapping up and winding down, I have to say I am ready for one gigantic 2 1/2 hour climax this Sunday night!  I have a feeling it's going to be....penultimate!



Posted By Kent Merritt


"Soon, all of your answers will be questioned."


With just 3 1/2 hours of Lost left, it's finally time for all of our questions to be answered....right?!

Don't count on it. 

'Across The Sea' provided us with an entire hour of island flashbacks where we discovered the origins of Jacob and The Man In Black, how they came to the island, why they are on the island, and what it all means to the present day island inhabitants....right?! 


Personally, I was a little bothered with the casting choice of Allison Janney as Jacob & the MIB's "mother".  She's a great actress, but part of what always made Lost so unique was how they always managed to cast the rolls of all the characters - even down to the most  insignificant roles - with relative unknowns, which made everything seem all the more original.  Allison Janney has been in tons of TV shows, most notably The West Wing, and she would not have been my choice for the Mother Earth character (or whatever she was supposed to be).


It also kind of bugged me, after learning that Jacob and MIB are brothers, that MIB looked so much older than Jacob.  I guess that's what hanging out with sinners will do for you.  MIB even looked older than his mama in their final scenes together.  But then, I guess Mother Earth was not a mere mortal, now was she?!  Also, after Jacob put their dead bodies side-by-side in the cave where they were discovered years later by Jack, Kate and John Locke, it did kind of creep me out that Jacob never bothered to even bury them!  Yuck!  Wouldn't their rotting flesh stink up the cave quite a bit?! 


Given all of that, I thought the episode did a nice job of explaining these mysterious characters and their origins.  It might have been nice to give us a bit more info on Mother Earth, how she came to the island, how she managed to hide from everyone, and how she managed to massacre all those other Others and fill up their well, all while MIB was lying unconscious. 


I was actually sorry to see the death of the Man in Black.  In my opinion, his ultimate fate was not all that different from that of John Locke's.  Both men were in search of a better life, and yet both men ended up getting the royal shaft.  Then, in both cases,  Smokey steps in to suck up their souls and exploit them to his/her/its benefit. 


After watching this episode, I am still wondering what is up with that bloody Smoke Monster!  How was it possible he could be hanging out in the Cave of Light?!  I would think if the Light represented all that is Good in the world, then how could such a destructive force as Smokey be allowed to camp out down there?!  I think that bothered me more than anything in this unfulfilling episode.


And now that we know there is a powerful Light that shines from the heart of the island, we still don't know A) why that Light is there, B) how it got there, or C) how that area eventualy became a frozen wasteland (as shown in the Frozen Donkey Wheel scenes). 


Sure, we got a lot of answers in this episode, but with just 3 1/2 hours left, I would say to the producers the same thing that Ricky used to say to Lucy: "You got a lot of 'splainin' to do"!

Posted By Kent Merritt


"You're going to be fine, Mr. Locke.
As long as you give up smoking."


I'm not exactly sure I like where this series is heading.

At this point, with just a few episodes remaining, I see two possible scenarios....

1. The main characters will be killed off one-by-one, leaving maybe one or two characters left....which would suck. Or...

2. The main characters will be killed off one-by-one, only to be resurrected in some sort of flashback/flashsideways/flashforward event where everyone comes back alive and lives happily ever after....which would also suck.

I suppose the resolution to this amazing series is bound to be disappointing in one way or another, but it does bother me that in this last episode, the Kwons were both Dwowned, Sayid was blown to smithereens, Frank Lapidus went missing, and Jack still remains alive.  That scene of him staring up into the night sky, wondering why, why, why...left me thinking the same thing.

It should now be painfully obvious that the Man in Locke is definitely not a Good Guy after all.  He obviously wanted to kill everyone on board that submarine when he hid that bomb in Jack's backpack.  If that's the case, and if it is also true that Charles Widmore also wants them all dead, then we'll be lucky if anyone makes it to the finale alive!

My previous post was a brief speculation on how I thought the finale would play itself out, but it's now quite obvious that the Kwon's names will be scratched off that cave wall...that is if anyone is still left to do the scratching. 


One thing that bugged me about how they died, though.  What exactly did Sun get trapped behind inside that room?!  I never could tell what it was they were all trying to pull off of her.  It obviously had to be heavy enough for Jin, Sawyer, and Jack to not be able to pull it off of her, and yet not quite heavy enough to cause her any real pain!  From the few underwater shots we saw, it looked like she was trapped behind one of those subway turnstiles.  Didn't anybody think to just stick a quarter in it?

On the other hand, Sayid's sacrifice felt correct to me.  He was obviously used throughout the season as a mindless killing machine so that we wouldn't feel too bad when he was blown to tiny bits.  Too bad his character had to deteriorate to that extent.  He wasn't one of my favorite characters, but still, he deserved better than that.


My other nitpik concerns the title of this episode (as well as the previous episode, for that matter).  It turns out that 'The Candidate' for the island was not revealed, but that it was just a clever ruse used in Sideways World where John Locke learns that Jack thinks he is 'a candidate' for spinal surgery that would allow him to walk again.  Booo!  That was almost as disappointing as never really learning who 'The Last Recruit' was supposed to be.

At this point, I just hope that Frank Lapidus manages to wash up on shore, find Desmond, and together they can save what's left of these doomed characters!


Posted By Kent Merritt

Meet The New Boss


With just a few short weeks to go before the season finale of Lost, this might be a good time to do a little speculating on exactly who is going to actually inherit this crazy little island.

Now that we've learned Jacob has lured particular people to the island over the years in order to annoint one of them to be the new island ruler, then it might be kind of fun to speculate on how the island might change under new management.  Here's an idea of some possible finale results...or series spinoffs. 


King Kwon's Island

The Kwons will rule the island as a team, separating the men on one side of the island, the woman on the other, where Jin and Sun will educate them in the fine art of blending into the background. 

Jack's Island of Confusion

Jack Shepard will be chosen as the new leader of Lost Island, and will lead everyone in one direction, then change his mind and lead them in another direction, never really finding any resolution no matter where he leads them. After all, with all those magic mirrors he broke in the Lighthouse, he's definitely in for many, many years of bad luck.

Sayid's Zombie Island

Sayid Jarrah will be the only living person to survive the final big battle between Good and Evil on the island.  He will immediately be empowered with the ability to resurrect the dead, only to force them all to sit around like zombies and listen to his endless flashbacks of his one true love Nadia.

Sawyer's Island of Insults

James Ford will become the new head honcho of Lost Island and immediately confiscate everyone's possessions, force everyone to use his choice of nicknames, then demand that they build a new temple in honor of Juliet.

Hugo's Happy Island Hangout

Hugo Reyes will be selected as King of the Island and will be empowered with the ability to force everyone to just chill.  Everyone on the island will slowly begin to realize that life is good, there's nothing to worry about, and there's no reason to try and leave the long as the food supply holds out.

Gilligan's Island

No, not THAT Gilligan. This would be a suprise ending in which Vince Gilligan, the creator of AMC's Breaking Bad, discovers that the electromagnetism on the island would be the perfect place for Walter White to set up camp and turn the island into one huge meth-producing factory, free from any meddling from the DEA. Plus, everyone will get to use the S-word.




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