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Posted By Kent Merritt

 Here's a fun idea I came up with to really annoy people! 

It would've been fun to do on April Fool's Day, but it's too late for that, now, isn't it?  But who says you can pull pranks only one day of the year, anyway?!  Where's the fun in that?!  We like to really push the envelope here at Wide To Infinity, so we put together a fun experiment you can do in your own office or home or Starbucks or wherever it is you waste time on the internet.

Below you will see a list of links.  They are all links to YouTube videos that feature the theme song from the TV show 'Weeds' -a quirky little series on Showtime that features different musical acts performing their theme song. 

If you click on each link one after another, (each link opens in another window) and then TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS you will experience a competely annoying experience of several versions of the same theme song, being played by different artists, slightly out of sync with each other (depending on how you click the links).


Weeds Theme - Randy Newman

Weeds Theme - Elvis Costello

Weeds Theme - The Shins

Weeds Theme - Linkin Park




Again, it's just a way to break outside of the April Fool's Day box and be annoying to people any time you damn well feel like it.

Your boss/mother/father/roommate/husband/wife/lover/kids/neighbors

will get a big kick out of it!





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