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Posted By Kent Merritt


Through With The Looking Glass

Oh, boy!  A Jack-centric episode!  An opportunity to once again rag on his inability to ever figure anything out.  Jack lives in a state of perpetual confusion, no matter if it's in the past, the present, or the alternative.  Jack remains clueless in just about any setting and any situation he's placed in.  It's beyond my comprehension why Jacob would ever consider him as a Candidate.  If he is indeed The Chosen One, the future of the island is in big, big trouble.

The Big Reveal in this week's episode was that in Sideways World, Jack now has a son.  However, he seems as clueless to this as we were.  He manages to forget to pick up his son from school, because Jack realized he needed to go home first and change his shirt (?!).  Another clue to Jack's cluelessness was that on the desk in Jack's home, we see photos of Jack as a young graduate surrounded by his parents, and a photo of Jack as a young intern with his dad.  Nowhere did we see any photos of Jack's son David.  If I were David, I'd be pissed off, too!

Aside from The Big Reveal, we also learned that David is a child prodigy pianist. Also in Sideways World we had another scene of two islander's path's crossing, in this case, Dogen and Jack as proud parents of musical boys.  Personally, none of this means squat to me, since I really don't care about anything that's going on in Sideways World.  With the show being this close to the finish line, I just want more scenes of island wackiness.

And as for the latest island wackiness, we learned that Claire has Lost it.  In the three years that she has spent alone in the jungle, she has sharpened her sharpshooting skills, gatthered dynamite, and fashioned a substitute baby out of a rodent skull and peat moss.   The black dude that she captured tries to convince Jin that she's looney-tunes, but Jin isn't buying it.  That is, until Claire buries her axe in his belly.  "He was going to kill me, anyway", Claire tells a stunned Jin.  Just nod your head, Jin, just nod your head.

Island Hurley is visited by Jacob, who gives him instructions on how to leave The Temple and find The Lighthouse.  He is also instructed to take Island Jack.  Since Jack is clueless to do anything else, he agrees to follow Hurley.  Once they make it to The Lighthouse, they discover a magic roulette wheel connected to some fun house mirrors.  Hurley was told to turn the wheel to  number 108, but Jack sees his name on the wheel next to the number 23, grabs the chain and turns the wheel himself until he sees the reflection of his childhood home in the mirrors.  Jack responds by angrily smashing the mirrors.  Nice going, Jack. 

Jacob finally shows up to explain to Hurley that it was necessary for Jack to figure out his destiny by smashing the funhouse mirrors and then staring off into the ocean.  I'm still thinking maybe Jacob isn't really such a good guy.  After all, he didn't seem all that upset about those mirrors being smashed up.  Maybe luring people to the island, having Jack smash the mirrors, and continually keeping everybody clueless is his evil master plan after all.  I think I'll start rooting for the Smoke Monster.

Anf finally, we discover that Claire now has a 'friend'.  And that friend drops by for a visit.  The Friend is John Locke - aka Man In Black aka The Smoke Monster aka TBD - only Claire doesn't recognize him as John Locke.  She just refers to him as 'her friend'.  Ca-reepy!  Just keep nodding your head, Jin!

Posted By Kent Merritt




 After last week's Kate-centric episode where we learned What Kate Does (which evidently is piss off lots of viewers with her lame flash-sideways storyline),  we return this week to true mind-blowing form with an excellent Locke-centric episode that advanced the mythology storyline and actually gave us more questions than answers, for the first time in 5 years. 

Or....did it?

After all, the Big Reveal in this episode - finding out what Those Numbers mean - may or may not be true, since this Big Reveal came courtesy of the Locke-ness Monster.  And something about this guy makes me not want to trust him so much.  But then again, he did make a pretty good argument on behalf of why Jacob really is the bad guy; dragging people to this island for decades (centuries?!) against their will, deceiving them into thinking it was by free will, but then not really letting them know if it was free will or not (huh?!).  Point being, who's to say who is good and who is bad on this screwy island?

Even though I'm not putting a lot of stock in the flash-sideways scenes this season, I did enjoy Locke's storyline.  Also nice to see Katy Segal back as Locke's gal. 
My only problem with the flash-sideways scenes was seeing both Rose and Ben popping up in John Locke's world.  After all, if Rose really did work for Hugo, wouldn't she have known him on the island?!  And obviously, if the bomb nuked the past, and Ben never showed up on the island, but instead became a history teacher, wouldn't that also mean that he would've never been on the island in the future as well?! (what?!)


And while I'm at it, another thing that bugs me is hearing that John is friendly enough with his fake dad to invite him to his wedding.  Does this mean that he forgave his fake dad for pushing him out of that hotel window?  After all, nothing should've changed for these people's lives BEFORE the plane crashed - or didn't crash - right?  But now, suddenly Hugo is the luckiest guy on the planet?!  How did NOT crashing on the island cause THAT to happen?!

As frustrating as all this is, there is a great feeling that all of the time we've invested in this series for the past 5 years is finally paying off.  Getting that Big Reveal of what the numbers mean, and exactly why each person whose name was written in the cave, is great stuff. 
Interesting that Fake Locke scratched off Locke's name.  From everything we've learned about this show, you never count anyone out.  I'm still betting on John Locke being the big winner when all is said and done.  I'm guessing it will come down to Jacob resurrecting Locke's dead body, then we'll have one of those Star Trek-type scenes where there is a real Kirk and a fake Kirk fighting each other, and one of the other castaways will have to kill one of the Lockes, and hopefully the Good Locke will prevail and be crowned New King Of The Island....or, the Bad Locke will win, and the entire series will end like one long Twilight Zone episode.


I'll even go further out on this limb.  My guess is that the final scene of Lost will be a recreation of the Jacob and The Man In Black scene on the beach, only in the finale, it will be The Man In Ben telling the resurrected and newly-christened Candidate John Locke if he knows how much he wants to kill him.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  I guess that's to be expected, though, with a show like this where time is irrelevant. 

Posted By Kent Merritt


"Mind If I Smoke?!"

Leave it to Lost to up the ante on this sixth and final season.  Instead of giving us a nice, linear storyline leading up to having all of our questions answered (yeah, right), this season has added another twist to the already tangled web of storylines to sort through. We've had flashbacks, flashforwards, time travel, and now an alternate reality of what would've happened if nuking the island back in 1977 worked.   Alternate, because in addition to a timeline where the castaways end up right back where they started on board Flight 815, another timeline seems to have split this group in two, leaving many of the same castaways back on the island in present time (whatever THAT is) just after the hatch blew.

Fortunately, the writing/producing team of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse keeps everything pretty understandable and increasingly interesting.  Seeing Jack back on board the plane that never crashed along with alternate versions of the rest of the cast will be an intriguing story to follow throughout this final season.  It looks like Sawyer has a new mark with the luckiest man on earth Hugo, Kate gets her chance to escape from the law, and poor Jack gets a chance to look dumbfounded all over again.

"Wha' happened?!"

Meanhile, back on the island, we get to see Juliet die all over again, this time in the arms of Sawyer, who vows revenge on poor, stunned Jack.  He tells Kate if Juliet dies, he will kill Jack.  Juliet does die.  We learn later on the the episode that Sawyer decides to let Jack live in in his own personal agony.  Poor Jack.  What a chump.

But, the juiciest part of the new storyline will be watching John Locke - or make that The Man in Black, or The Smoke Monster, or The Locke-ness Monster- terrorizing the islanders.  "I'm sorry you had to see me like that'", he tells a majorly stunned Ben, who managed to survive Smoky's housecleaning.  Classic stuff. And so much for Jacob and his band of followers.  Or, is it?  Now that Sayid has been resurrected, will we be seeing a kinder, gentler Sayid who likes to weave hieroglyphic wall tapestries?!  After all, Jacob is too strong of a character to just go poof.  And, like Jack so prophetically stated in this episode, "Nothing is irreversible".

I'm loving every minute of this time-traveling, mind-bending show, and I'm actually going to be sorry to see it come to an end.  Still, it's going to be a blast to watch unfold. 

My few nitpicks:
Bringing Juliet back just long enough to watch her die sort of sucked.   Besides, she was one of my favorite characters.  But then, since no one who dies on this show really ends up dead anyway....

On board Flight 815-B, why did Jin have his pre-crash haircut, while Sawyer still had his long hair?  And for that matter, Jack's hair was longer than it was on that first flight in the pilot episode. At least John Locke's haircut was consistent.

Why did the VW bus travel forward in time from 1977 to 2007?  And for that matter, why didn't Farraday make the jump as well?  He was part of that original time-jumping group.  If the nuclear bomb un-did the past, shouldn't he still be alive?

But then, it wouldn't be Lost if it didn't keep me confused.






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