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Posted By Kent Merritt

I saw this brief newsclip of our fearless leader today on the news, and I thought it was another classic from the 43rd President of the United States, so I made a tribute of the moment and loaded it up to YouTube just for fun.



I already got 18 hits! He's a popular guy.






Posted By Kent Merritt

Here's an inspiring story!

The oldest married couple in the world are celebrating their anniversary!  Break out the party hats and the defibrillator!




I particularly like the comments by the news team...


"They look pretty good for after that amount of time!"



By the way, this video was captured off the TV, and there's a little glitch towards the end of the video when the couple are walking down a hallway. The video gets stuck for a split second.....but it seems sort of appropriate that you can't really tell, anyway.

Posted By Kent Merritt

This can't be right.....can it?!

There's a new commercial from Honda that is promoting a car that gets 34 miles to the gallon.  It shows the car passing gas station after gas station after gas station (I'm mentioning that because the quality of the video is really crappy).

But the tagline?!!!

That's just not right.






Exactly who OK'd this marketing campaign?

I really don't know if I'd want to own a car that's known as a super gas-passer, would you?! 


So much for that new car smell! 




Posted By Kent Merritt

Caught this story on the local news about a bank robber - cleverly nicknamed 'The Hobo Bandit' because he looks like a homeless person - who was captured after the bank teller painted a portrait of him!


You have to see that painting, too.  Good Lord!  That bank teller obviously has been channeling Salvador Dali, or something!  Check out those Wild Eyes!  More like 'The Hypnotized Bandit', if you ask me!





The story goes on to say that the painting will be on display at a local Los Angeles art gallery. Right next to the 'Goofy-Looking Arrest Photos' display.




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